Mite - Squirt Tournament
Rules & Regulations
Tournament Rules
  • All playing rules will follow 2022-23 USA Hockey rules.
  • Anyone assessed a game misconduct penalty is required to sit their next tourney game.
  • Penalty Breakdown in all divisions: Minor 1:00 min, Major 3:00 min, Misc 8:00 min.
Game Procedures
  • Teams must be ready to take the ice following the previous game.
  • There will be no time outs during round robin. 1 time out per team during the Championship game.
  • There will be no overtime for the round robin. 
  • There will be running time anytime there is a 6 goal differential.

If two or more teams have an equal number of points, their position in the standings shall be determined by the following tie-breaking format. If one tie-breaker establishes a position for one or more teams, each team is placed in the applicable position. Once one or more teams are placed by a tie breakerany remaining tied teams shall start the tie-breaking process over again at step 1. (If all tied teams have not played each other, then proceed to step 2.) Note: a team may go into the tie-breaking process having defeated another of the tied teams and still not advance).

The tie-breaker formulas are as follows:

1. The results of the head-to-head games played between the tied teams in the following order:
a.  Most points.
b.  Most wins.
c.  Goal Differential
d.  Fewest Goals Against

2. If after applying the formulas of 1 a, b, c, d the tie still exists, the results of ALL the games played by the teams tied in the following order:
a.  Most Points
b.  Most Wins
c.  Goal Differential
d.  Fewest Goals Against

3.  If above procedure does not break the tie, a coin toss will be used.